December 12, 2017

Pacific Coast Fogfest

Every September in Pacifica, California there is a two day festival called Fogfest. It was created to promote Pacifica and celebrate its marvelous coast.  The name certainly fits the coastal city, which is known for its foggy weather.  Fogfest is an annual gathering that takes place the last full weekend of the month.  It includes live bands, a rock climbing wall and a number of venders selling everything from arts and crafts and photography to homemade jewelry and beef jerky.  You’ll also find a variety of food and beverage booths offering wine, beer and delicious food including Barbeque and Louisiana style, cajun cuisine.  I highly recommend trying the Philadelphia cheesesteak or the crab garlic fries. Children will love the face painters and all of the activities in the amusement area. Fogfest is a lot of fun and a great outing for the entire family.





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