December 12, 2017

Wings Over Kauai – Airplane Tour



The island of Kauai is truly beautiful!  From the lush rainforest to the Waimea Canyon, there is much to see in this magical place they call, “The Garden Isle.”  And if you want to see it all, there is no better way than from above.  Wings Over Kauai offers grand deluxe tours of the island that will take you to all the best spots, including those that you can only see from the air.


Their G8 AirVan is spacious with large windows for your viewing pleasure and each passenger is provided a noise-cancelling Bose headset to stay in communication with the pilot and each other.  You can ask questions using the two-way intercom system and the pilot also gives a full narration of the island over artfully selected music which you’ll hear in the background.  (A really nice touch.)



At approximately 65-70 minutes, this safe and thrilling adventure is the ultimate air tour of Kauai.  You’ll soar through the Waimea Canyon and see the majestic, cathedral spires of the Na Pali Coast.  (Both of which are highlights of the tour.)  Traveling north, you’ll fly along the ridgeline of the beautiful Hanalei Bay and then see numerous waterfalls throughout the Hanalei Valley as you head south toward Lihue.  In the winter months, it’s even likely that you’ll see a few whales during your journey.



This is definitely a trip that you don’t want to miss!  The rewarding visual experience of Kauai’s beauty is something that will open your eyes and create a memory that will last a lifetime.



Many thanks to Wings Over Kauai for allowing me to experience Kauai from the air.  All opinions, as always, are my own.






  1. Ant Roxanne says:

    I love the music to go along with the scenery

  2. So brave girl!

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