February 23, 2018

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua


What!!  You can race down an active volcano on a little piece of wood!?  After reading numerous articles online and seeing clips on YouTube, I knew that this was something I just had to try.  Plus, having never been to Nicaragua, this could be a trip where I could also combine sightseeing with my decision of becoming an unnatural piece of flowing lava!



Cerro Negro (Black Hill) is an active volcano just outside Leon, Nicaragua.  It rises to a height of 2,388 feet and at 167 years of age, it’s a relatively young volcano and the youngest in Central America.  The steep slope and very small grains of volcanic rock are what make volcano boarding at Cerro Negro possible.



I chose Bigfoot Hostel for my volcano boarding excursion.  They have been operating this tour for a number of years and really make it an overall great time.  The guides are fantastic and photos are even included.  The tour begins by leaving the hostel at 9am in the back of a big, open-air truck.  You’ll start making friends quickly while listening to great music during your ride through the Leon countryside to Cerro Negro.



Once there, the hike to the top takes about 45 minutes.  Everyone is given a backpack containing a one-piece suit for crash protection and a pair of protective googles.  You can opt to carry your board with you or for a $5 charge, have a porter carry it to the top for you.  Along the way, you’ll be blessed with some fantastic views of the volcano and surrounding Nicaraguan landscape.



After you reach the top, you’ll be given a quick briefing, you’ll put on your orange jumpsuit and goggles, and away you go!  I was very surprised at the number of rocks that were thrown up into the air as I started to accelerate.  I reached a top speed of about 33 mph which in reality seemed much faster.  It was so much fun, I just wish I could have boarded down a few more times.


After your ride, everyone is given an ice cold beer and a cookie.  You get back to the hostel around 2pm, where they will have a cold mojito awaiting your arrival.  You’re also given a free tank top as a souvenir.  What an awesome experience!



Many thanks to Bigfoot Hostel for allowing me to experience your Volcano Boarding Tour.  All opinions, as always, are my own.




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