December 12, 2017

Pole Position Raceway – Las Vegas



Racing cars is a sport that’s intriguing to many but can be quite expensive to try for yourself.  The cost of taking a race car around a real track can cost upwards of $500.  But what about go karts?  After all, they are just miniature race cars. Go karts are fun for the whole family and much less dangerous than a real race car.  Not to mention, incredibly less expensive.


Pole Position Raceway offers indoor go kart racing and has tracks all over the United States.  You can experience real head-to-head racing and discover why indoor go karting is one of the fastest-growing sports in America.  Pole Position’s high-performance karts are capable of speeds of up to 45 mph, which seems extremely fast when you are sitting just one inch off the ground trying to navigate a 1/4-mile road course.  They will keep record of your best times around the track so you can take your buddies and see who is the real Dale Jr. of the group.


Kids only need to be 48″ tall to race and kid carts are available.  It’s also a great place to throw a birthday party.  Best of all, the action takes place inside their comfortable state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facilities and there are no smelly fumes!


My time at Pole Position Raceway was a great experience and manuvering those little karts around the track gives you a good perspective of what real car racing would be like.


Many thanks to Pole Position Las Vegas for allowing me to experience your go karts.  All opinions, as always, are my own.





  1. Great post! I’ve only been go-karting twice, but each time I was struck by how streamlined, safe and (most of all) FUN the experience was! You’re right—I wasn’t going all that fast, but when you’re that close to the ground, it really feels like you’re going dangerously quick. I understand why it’s so fast-growing; it’s too much fun to only do once! Thanks for sharing!

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