December 12, 2017

Learning to Surf in Hawaii


Hawaii is often considered to be the home of surfing by many and was even practiced by the ancient Hawaiians.  However, they viewed it as much more than just a sport.  It was part of their culture and considered an art.  They referred to this art as he’e nalu which translates into “wave sliding”.  I had always wanted to try surfing and what better place than where it all began, Hawaii.


Hans Hedemann Surf School in Honolulu offers surf lessons for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, their lessons will benefit you and make you better.  They offer group, semi-private, and private lessons, all of which are 2 hours long and include a rash guard, reef shoes, and surfboard rental.



Surfing was much harder than I expected.  I had no idea that it was such a full body workout.  Try to conserve your energy when paddling out to the waves. Obviously, the most important key to surfing is balance.  It’s one thing to stand up on a board, but can you stay up?  The most important tip that I learned to accomplish this was to keep your knees bent and stay low.  This allows you to keep your balance and control of the board.  Surfing is a great activity for people of all ages.  If you’re ever visiting the islands of Hawaii, I definitely recommend giving it a try.



Many thanks to Hans Hedemann Surf School for teaching me the art of surfing.  All opinions, as always, are my own.  (All rights to the photos in this article belong to their respectful owners.)




  1. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    Learning to surf looks like so much fun. Like you said, I had no idea that it was a full body workout, but I guess that makes sense. I am hoping to buy a surfboard so that I can start learning to use it!

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