August 20, 2017

Submarine Tour – Honolulu, Hawaii

  There is no limit to the number of activities that can be enjoyed in Honolulu. From the beautiful beaches to the scenic hiking trails, the possibilities are endless. However, there are also some unique things to try the next time you’re in the “Aloha State”.  How would you like to board a submarine and […]

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

  What!!  You can race down an active volcano on a little piece of wood!?  After reading numerous articles online and seeing clips on YouTube, I knew that this was something I just had to try.  Plus, having never been to Nicaragua, this could be a trip where I could also combine sightseeing with my […]

Mini Baja Chase – Las Vegas

  On your mark, get set, GO!!!!  Are you looking for something fun and exciting to try the next time you’re in Las Vegas?  Climb into a dune buggy and take part in a Mini Baja Chase for nonstop excitement and memorable fun!     SunBuggy Las Vegas gives you the opportunity to drive a […]

Hot Air Ballooning – Las Vegas

  People have flown in hot air balloons ever since the late 1700’s and it’s something that I have always wanted to do.  Unlike flying in an airplane, there is something unique about a balloon flight because you get a 360 degree view of everything around you.  Another characteristic that makes it really special is […]

Downtown Segway Tour – Portland, Oregon

  The segway is a very neat concept.  A two-wheeled, self balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle that looks like it came straight out of the future.  I had always wanted to try these machines ever since their release and finally got the opportunity while spending some time in Portland, Oregon.     Nation Tours offers segway […]