February 23, 2018

I Got Robbed in Brazil

  As much as I travel, I would consider myself pretty wise when it comes to having street smarts and preventing theft.  Perhaps that is why I had never been robbed. Well, at least not until last month.  That all changed while I was on a layover in Sao Paulo, Brazil.   I had gone […]

Traveling with Small Children

Traveling with small children can be a challenge.  Whether they are babies, toddlers, preteens or ‘almost adults’ a lengthy journey is not always a breeze!  When you head into an airport with small children in tow, every traveler who sees you starts praying that you’re not going to be on their flight. And if you’re […]

How to Survive a Plane Crash

  Every now and then I think it’s important to review some ways to help survive a plane crash.  We hear about these crashes in the news because when they do happen, they are often a big deal, however it’s important to remember that overall, flying is very safe.  You’re still more likely to get […]

The Last Row of Coach

  Have you ever boarded an aircraft to find that you were assigned the last row of coach? Many of us have been there and although there are the many well known questions and annoyances: “Will I hear the toilet flush the entire flight? Will people be standing with their backside in my face? Will […]