December 12, 2017

Breaking into the Playboy Mansion



What’s it like inside the Playboy Mansion?  It’s every young man’s dream to get a glimpse into what really goes on there.  And since myself, like most of you, will never be invited to one of Hef’s epic parties, I decided to go check it out myself.


Ok, so I really wasn’t going to break in.  I just wanted to look through the gates and maybe get a few pictures.  Well unfortunately, you can’t see anything through the gates because the driveway goes uphill to the mansion.  I thought it would be a cool if I acted like I was going to climb the gate while my girlfriend snapped a picture.  As soon as I lifted my leg, I heard this voice from above, “Get away from the gate, I’m not going to ask you twice.”  So that’s pretty much where my dream ended.  I did get my picture though!



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