February 23, 2018

About Me



 I’m a Travel Blogger and Photographer living in Houston, Texas.  For the past seventeen years I’ve been working for a major airline which continuously allows me to enjoy one of my biggest passions,  Traveling the World.


As Travelers, I feel we should share our experiences and pass on knowledge of what we’ve seen and learned. We live in a time when almost all of the Earth has been explored. With the exception of some of the deepest ocean depths, there is no place unknown to man which has not already been documented. However, everyone has their own view of a destination and with this website, you now have mine. I’ve tried to highlight on both popular attractions as well as what makes a destination unique. I photograph everything from old, famous cities to beautiful landscapes. All of my photographs are available for purchase should you find one that strikes your eye. Feel free to browse and please contact me with any questions or comments. Thanks for visiting and I wish you a pleasant journey through life.